Market-Linked Bank CDs


Do you have, or have you had money in your local banks CD or money market account?

You probably like the fact that these accounts are FDIC insured, and the principal is protected if held to maturity.

If you are like others, you don't like the fact the returns on these is very low.

There is an alternative.  It is the Market-Linked CD which is 100% principal-protected (if held to maturity) and FDIC insured.  Unlike a traditional CD, it offers the opportunity to earn far more than the low interest rates your local bank is paying.


A market-Linked CD combines the upside potential of investing in the financial markets, while providing the safety of protecting your principal from loss, if held to maturity.  The performance is based on the underlying basket of securities, these securities can be stocks, commodities, currencies, market indices, etc.

M-L CDs pay interest annually based on the performance of the underlying securities.  The taxation of interest payments depends on whether the product is in a qualified account, such as IRA, or not.  If inside an IRA the interest is not table until withdrawn from the account.  If not in a qualified account, it could be taxable immediately. (As with an taxation question,  you should consult your tax advisor.)

To learn more about how you can keep the safety of a traditional CD while getting some upside market potential, please take a couple of minutes to watch this brief presentation.

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If you are frustrated with your CD rates, give me a call, Rick Plata, at (888) 235-8060, or email me at for current offerings.


This advertisement is for informational purposes only, is not a complete description of MLCDs or the risks they involve and is not intended to be an offer to purchase MLCDs.  Full offering documents, should be carefully reviewed prior to purchase. MLCDs are principal protected if held to maturity, based on the credit strength of the issuing bank.   MLCDs are FDIC Insured up to statutory limits, which are described in the offering documents.


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